short fiction

  • “The Goodbye Glory” — Berkeley Fiction Review, 2018 (print only)
    • Cat reunites with Al, the girl who was the love of her life in high school, when Al finds the published poetry that Cat has written about Al since parting ways with her. Content warning(s): underage drinking and alcoholism
  • “A Remedy” — Prismatica Magazine, 2020
    • Tomasa, a girl born with the ability to revive the dead, unravels her past and confronts her present after a suicide attempt. Content warning(s): off-page suicide attempt and suicidal ideations
  • “This Rambling Heart” — Barren Magazine, 2022
    • A young first-year teacher drowns in grief after the recent death of her beloved father. Content warning(s): alcoholism, grief
  • “Possession” — A Thin Slice of Anxiety, 2022 (PUSHCART NOMINATED)
    • Two mothers try to save their adopted daughter when she begins exhibiting signs of demonic possession. Content warning(s): self-harm and mentions of domestic abuse
  • “Good Daughter” — Ram Eye Press, 2022
    • Inés meets a strange woman on a country backroad while fleeing her mother’s house in the middle of the night.
  • “Gift” — Tales From Between, 2022
    • Miguelito receives a gift from his strange friend.
  • “Hurricane Warning” — Shacklebound Books, 2022
    • A drabble about a woman in love with her childhood best friend—who happens to be a serial killer.
  • “Life is a Carnival” — Tiny Frights, 2022
    • A young girl has been followed by a pink-haired clown since she was a little girl.
  • “Possession” — Ram Eye Press, 2022, (reprint) (PUSHCART NOMINATED)
  • “The Blessing” — Moonflowers and Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror, 2022
    • Adora loses her beloved doll, Maria, but lo and behold—Maria comes back as a human.
  • “Second Chance Road” — Southwest Review’s Halloween Issue, 2022
    • Raúl and his husband, Jorge, have an uncanny experience on a backroad while on a road trip. Content warning(s): mention of amputation and mention of suicide attempt
  • “The Peeling” — Fish Barrel Review, 2022
    • Soledad has a strange encounter with another young girl on a scorching hot summer day. Content warning(s): implied child neglect
  • “The Age of Broken Bones” — Alebrijes Review’s VOZ Anthology, 2022, forthcoming
    • Thirteen-year-old Angel develops a friendship with/crush on Santi, a boy he fought at the beginning of the school year.


select articles & essays

  • “Skeletons in the closet: How classic horror reboots are committing to better queer representation” — The Daily Californian, 2019
  • “Don’t read into this” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Emotional stasis and ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Read Your Fear: Short Stories to Get You into the Halloween Spirit” — Berkeley Fiction Review, 2020

select arts & entertainment reviews

  • “Broken California dreams abound in Kate Milliken’s ‘Kept Animals’” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Rachel Harrison’s ‘The Return’ will return to you in nightmares” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Brandon Taylor gives campus novels a taste of ‘Real Life’” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Ezra Furman reaches ‘transangelic’ transcendence at Great American Music Hall” — The Daily Californian, 2020
  • “Lucy Dacus takes ‘night shift’ on indie rock throne” — The Daily Californian, 2019

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